Financial Planning Documents and Workbooks

Sustainability planning always includes financing. Administrators and program managers must make plans for the payment of your services. The planning section of this site includes general program sustainability planning workbooks and tools, with the goal of assisting you with financing and economic evaluation.


Best Used for: Independent Organizations
Developed by: Rural Health Information Hub

Summary: This tool shows how a project’s spending on staff, supplies, equipment, and other expenses benefit their community. The tool uses formulas to estimate the local economic impact of a project. These calculations then help rural grantees assess performance and advocate for more resources to increase project sustainability and improve health care for rural populations. Learn More

Best Used for: Researchers and System Administrators
Developed by: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Summary: This page is a summary of research and applied tools for estimating the costs and financial consequences of specific programs. The resources listed on this page vary in technical specificity and are intended for a wide range of potential users. Learn More

Title: Developing a Plan for Financial Sustainability
Best Used for: Nonprofit Organizations
Developed by: Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas

Summary: This chapter describes and answers questions on how to plan for the financial stability of your organization, and includes tips from people who have been doing similar work. Also included are a checklist, examples and tools to use, and other online resources that may help with financial sustainability and planning. Learn More

Best Used for: Nonprofit Organizations
Developed by: Wallace Foundation

Summary: A tool that gives an overview of EBP costs related to training and supplies, evaluation, ongoing training, incentives, staff time, and a reimbursement system.

Three major areas to plan funding are

  1. Start-up activities to explore the need, feasibility, and installation of the EBP
  2. Direct service provided to consumer by the EBP, including training and incentives for providers to adopt the EBP
  3. The infrastructure needed to successfully implement and sustain the quality of the EBP [Family involvement center pdf. Citing George, 2008]

Learn More

Title: Sustainable Funding
Best Used for: Provider Systems
Developed by: Greg Aarons

Summary: Part 4 of the exploration, preparation, implementation, and sustainment (EPIS) framework for implementation is sustainment. This resource connects you with tools for determining funding streams and for reviewing the billing/financial process. Learn More

Best Used for: Program Administrators and Evaluators
Developed by: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Summary: A cost data collection instrument and interview guide designed to be used in a variety of health-related settings. The Drug Abuse Treatment Cost Analysis Program helps collect and organize detailed information on resources used in service delivery and their dollar cost. Learn More

Last Updated: 05/31/2017