Framework 2: The Program Sustainability Framework

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This conceptual framework was designed to help administrators of public health programs strategically plan for sustainability. The framework consists of 9 domains that represent the conditions necessary for sustainability.

This framework was built through a two-part process. First, the authors conducted a meta-analysis of 85 peer-reviewed journal articles on sustainability within public health programs. Second, the authors conducted concept-mapping with researchers/scientists, funders/advisors, and state/local practitioners. From the concept-mapping process, the sustainability model framework was developed. Eighty-nine percent of the core domains in the final framework were supported by the literature included in the meta-analysis.

This framework implicitly acknowledges 3 layers of characteristics in determining capacity for sustainability: program, organizational, and the broader service system. Strategic planning within each of the domains that spans these 3 layers is essential for sustainability capacity.

Users can access the Program Sustainability Framework self-assessment tool here

The Sustainability Model/Framework consists of 9 domains. In the center is strategic planning. Organized around strategic planning are the 8 other domains: communications, program evaluation, program adaptation, organizational capacity, partnerships, political support, funding stability, and public health impacts. Domains that are strongly related are positioned next to each other. In addition, the last 4 domains listed (representing the upper and right portions of the framework) are external in nature, whereas the first 4 domains listed (representing the bottom and left portions of the framework) are internal in nature.

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Last Updated: 06/15/2017