Overcoming Implementation Challenges

Sometimes it takes a white board and notes.

Applying programs and practices to your own setting can be complicated and time consuming, since a given program or practice is unique—and so is your community.

Selecting the activities to undertake, choosing the staff to carry out those activities, and ensuring funding for ongoing activities can be challenging. 

This section presents broad strategies, step-by-step guides, frameworks, and tools that can help you as you implement evidence-based programs in real-world settings.

How the Learning Center Can Help

The work of putting into place a program or practice that is tailored to the needs of your setting and your clients requires strategic leadership, significant planning, thoughtful strategies, and the allocation of resources.

To assist you, this section of the Learning Center offers information on:

Frameworks for Success

Using and implementation framework can help you identify and overcome potential challenges involved with implementing an intervention. In the following video, researchers Abe Wandersman and Matt Chinman discuss the value implementation frameworks add to your process. 

Last Updated: 09/14/2017