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For your convenience, the resources presented throughout the sustainability section of the Learning Center are listed below, organized by source.

Finding Help

If you need professional help with sustaining your evidence-based program (EBP), consider the following questions as you evaluate a technical assistance provider or consultant:

  • Does your technical assistance provider have prior experience with developing sustainability plans for an organization similar to yours?
  • Does the consultant have experience with the management and receipt of the types of funding streams you have targeted to preserve program sustainability?
  • What is the timeframe of involvement you want from the technical assistance provider?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of the external and internal dynamics that may influence the likelihood of program sustainability? If not, ask your potential technical assistance provider how he or she would go about identifying these factors.
  • What type of involvement and role would you want your staff, clients, and community members to have in the creation of the sustainability plan?

Be sure that your technical assistance provider has expertise in working with your constituents in a manner consistent with your organizational goals and approach.

Additional Sources of Assistance

The resources identified on this site to help you achieve program sustainability are all available online at no charge.

In addition, program staff and funding officers in federal, state, and local funding agencies can be invaluable resources. They can help you identify and seek funding opportunities that fit your needs.

Last Updated: 08/21/2017